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25.09.2015 Special Symposium

Special Symposium: 
Plant Nutrition Research for future sustainable agriculture (Commission 3.3 and Division 3 of IUSS)

9.00 am – 01.00 pm:

Chairs: Takashi Kosaki and Toru Fujiwara, Tokyo; Japan

1. Toru Fujiwara, University of Tokyo; Japan “Molecular genetics of plant minor nutrient and toxic element transport for crop improvement for sustainable agriculture”

2. Sebastien Thomine, CNRA Gif-sur-Yvette; France “Tools to study metal speciation and dynamics in plant cells”

3. Ricardo Fabiono Giehl, IPK-Gatersleben; Germany “Modulation of root architectural traits by nutrient signals: underground opportunities for crop improvement.”

4. Stephan Clemens, University of Bayreuth; Germany: What metal hyperaccumulating plants can teach us about the molecular mechanisms of micronutrient and toxic metal accumulation in plants


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5. Cezary Kabała, Oskar Bojko; Poland: Transformation of the physico-chemical soil properties along the mountain slope expected due to land management and climate changes – case study from the Karkonosze Mountains, SW Poland

6. Dirk Freese, Christian Böhm, Jaconette Mirck, Ansgar Quinkenstein, Penka Tsonkova, Michael Kanzler, Tatjana Medinski: Alley Cropping Systems - Impact on soil organic carbon, soil moisture and biomass growth

7. H R Khan*, T F Ena and B H Reshad; Bangladesh: Development of sustainable agriculture in the coastal problem soils of Bangladesh


12.40- 02.00 pm:


02.00 – 03.00 pm:

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