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Impact of climate change on Soil Functions –
an underestimated challenge for reliable Soil management and prediction models?

1) Soil structure and pore rigidity effects as prerequisites for quantification of physicochemical processes
a) Effects of availability and accessibility on local disequilibria
b) Interactions between biological activity and physical as well as chemical state variables
c) scaling effects

2) Effects of (limited) pore rigidity and soil resilience on
a) physical  (hydraulic, mechanical, thermal)
b) chemical (e.g. diffusion)
c) biological soil properties and functions
d) feedback mechanisms between soil structure formation and plant growth, groundwater and atmosphere

3) Innovative approaches to predict climate change induced affected sinks and sources of e.g. atmospheric C, nutrient, water and its consequences to their accessibility and availability

4) Modelling approaches to quantify effects of (limited ) soil rigidity on mass flow and diffusion at various scales- from the micro- to macroscale

All topics and the detailed differentiation of sub topics and aspects will start with invited keynote lectures followed by voluntary papers and posters. Policy makers, land managers, NGO´s and representatives from German and international organizations will deliberate their views of the topic as stimuli for enthusiastic discussions in all thematic sessions and the final concluding analyses. 
Furthermore several commissions and working groups of IUSS will organize their meetings in Kiel with related topics and titles, which are being finalized and will be included in the subsequent announcements.

Deadline: Abstracts must be submitted in English and per email by May 31st. , 2015.