Abteilung Bodenkunde


International Congress on the occasion of the International Year of Soils 2015 and the 350th. Anniversary of the Christian Albrechts University zu Kiel.
Soil Functions and Climate Change - do we underestimate the consequences of new disequilibria in soil properties? - SUSTAIN –

Session II: Effects of pore rigidity and soil resilience 

Chair: Henry Lin, Pen State; USA

08.30 - 09.20 am:

Keynote: P.D. Hallett, R. Stobart, T.A. Valentine, T.S. George, N. Morris, A.C. Newton, A.C. Raffan, and B. M. McKenzie; UK: The essence of time in soil physical behaviour

09.20 - 09.40 am:

T. Baumgartl, Brisbane; Australien: Quantification of preferential flow through rocky substrates

09.40 - 10.00 am:

Beck Broichsitter, H.Fleige, R.Horn; Germany: Longterm impermeability – an approach to control hydraulic processes in landfill capping systems

10.00 - 10.20 am:

Dörner, J. Ordonez, I., López I, Descalzi C.; Chile: Pasture improvement management and its relationship to the soil physical quality of an Andisol in southern Chile

10.20 - 10.40 am:

 Lipiec, J., Horn, R., Siczek, A. , Usowicz, B. ; Poland: Spatial distribution of soil physical properties as related with soil deformation and mulching

10.40 - 11.00 am:

Coffee break

Chair: Bin Zhang, Beijing; China

11.00 - 11.20 am:

Dec, D., Haller, P., Dörner, J., Zuniga F., Thiers, O., Paulino L., O.; Chile: Resistance and resilience capacity of hydraulic properties of Aquands under different land uses in southern Chile

11.20 - 11.40 am:

Seguel, O., Legal, P., Casanova, M., Vega L.; Chile: Pore functioning in a Mollisol depending on soil use and normal loads

11.40 - 12.00 am:

Marcin K. Widomski, Witold Stepniewski, Rainer Horn, Józefaciuk Grzegorz, Lucjan Gazda, Malgorzata Franus, Malgorzata Pawlowska; Poland: Influence of particle size distribution, mineralogy and physicochemical parameters on geotechnical properties of nine mineral materials likely to be used for landfill liner construction

12.00 - 12.20 pm:

Ajayi, A.E., Horn, R., and Taube, F.; Nigeria: Changes in soil structural and hydro-physical properties under Long Term Grassland Management

12.20 - 12.40 pm:

Abdelmonem Mohamed Amer; Egypt: Soil moisture adsorption capacity and specific surface area in relation to water vapor in different climate regions

12.40 - 01.30 pm:


01.30 – 2.00 pm:

Introduction by the Poster presenters in front of their posters: Part IV and V

Chair: Paul Hallett, Aberdeen; UK 

02.00 - 2.45 pm:

Keynote: Dani Or and Ali Ebrahimi; Switzerland: Hydration and diffusion dynamics shape microbial community structure and function in soil aggregates – quantifying soil biogeochemical “hot spots”

02.45 - 03.05 pm:

Rosnaeni Sakata, Shuzoh Shimada, Naho Yoshioka, Ryo Yoshioka, Hiroshi Aoki, Narutoshi Kimoto, Atsushi Sakamoto, Kazuyuki Inubushi; Japan: Soil properties along the slope affected N2O flux and dissolved N2O in oil palm plantations

03.05 - 03.25 pm:

Uta Stockmann, Budiman Minasny, Alex B. McBratney; Australia: Utilizing Portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry for in-field investigation of pedogenesis

03.25 - 03.45 pm:

Smet, Sarah, Degré Aurore, Léonard Angélique; Belgium: Linking the soils’s Microscopic Features to its Macroscopic Behaviour

03.45 - 04.05 pm:

Marlen C. Wittig, Daniel Uteau Puschmann, Christoph Haas, Dörthe Holthusen, Rainer Horn, Stephan Peth; Germany: Micro-morphological 3D image analysis of biopore architecture using microtomography (µCT) imaging

04.05 - 04.30 pm:

Coffee break

Chair: Thomas Baumgartl, Brisbane; Australia

04.30 - 04.50 pm:

I. Zimmermann, H. Fleige, R. Horn; Germany: Soil structure amelioration in earth graves with quicklime

04.50 - 05.10 pm:

Dörner J, Dec D., Zuniga F., Thiers O., Paulino, L., Valle, S., Martinez, O.; Chile: Spatial and temporal variability of physical properties of Aquands under different land uses in southern Chile

05.10 - 5.30 pm:

Gerke, H.; Germany: Characterization of intact biopore walls and aggregate coatings for describing preferential flow in structured soils

05.30 - 05.50 pm:

Zofia Stępniewska, Anna Pytlak, Agnieszka Kuźniar, Anna Szafranek-Nakonieczna, Agnieszka Wolińska, Weronika Goraj, Artur Banach; Poland: Influence of in situ physical and chemical properties on diversity of the methanotrophic bacteria



Special Symposium:

Soil Degradation- impact on soil quality, productivity and climate change (Land Degradation Working Group and Division 3 of IUSS)

Chairs: Bal Ram Singh and Takashi Kosaki; Japan

3.00 - 3.30 pm 

Rattan Lal and Bal Ram Singh: Soil Restoration and Ecosystem Services: USA, Norway

3.30 – 4.00 pm 
Yazidhi Bamutaze: Challenges of sustainable soil management in Sub Saharan Africa in the midst of climate change and rapid population growth, Uganda

4.00 - 04.30 pm
Coffee break

4.30 – 5.00 pm 
Lillian Øygarden: Improvements of soil quality to minimize yield gap in cereal and forage production: Norway

5.00 – 5.30 pm 
Girmay Gebresamuel Abraha: Soil Organic Matter Losses and Fertility Degradation under Different Agricultural Soils, Ethiopia

5.30 – 6.00 pm
Final Discussion



Depature: 06:45  pm:

Conference Dinner in the Gasthof Lafrenz (www.gasthof-lafrenz.de) – Return at 11.00 pm by busses