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Poster 23.09.2015 - 25.09.2015

International Congress on the occasion of the International Year of Soils 2015 and the 350th. Anniversary of the Christian Albrechts University zu Kiel.
Soil Functions and Climate Change - do we underestimate the consequences of new disequilibria in soil properties? - SUSTAIN –

Poster exhibition is continuously available.

(The responsible authors shall be in front of their posters according to the instructions given in the program):

Poster I: Pore systems and visualization

P1: Koch, S., P. Kahle, B. Lennartz; Germany: Visualization of colloid transport pathways in mineral soils

P2: Uteau, D., Pagenkemper, S.K., Horn, R., Peth, S.; Germany: Quantitative assessment of the pore network based on geostatistical analysis of µCT 3D-images and its implications for soil functions

P3: Roseta, E.; Nigeria: Spatial variability in soil properties form different land use

P4: Putramentaite, Agne; Lithuania: Soil pore structure and water capacity in top- and sub-soil layers of Cambisol under long-term contrasting tillage

P5: H.Unbekannt, S.K. Pagenkemper, K. Richter, R. Horn, M. Seyfarth; Germanny: Soil-LT: Application of laser triangulation for the determination of shrinkage behavior of soils in laboratory tests


Poster II: Mechanics and Hydraulic Processes

P6: Bahavu, B.U.; Congo: Study of the setting up of bulengo volcanic cracks in African rift and its impact on the environment

P7: Kuhwald, M., Duttmann, R.; Germany: Spatial analysis of penetration resistance to assess the influence of different tillage practices on soil properties

P8: Seguel, O., Miranda, L., Homer, I.; Chile: Mechanical resilience after tillage in a Mollisol from central Chile

P9: Nadiradze, K.; Georgia: Soils Erosion, Flooding and Landslides Prevention

P10: Shangalume, E.;  Congo: The Virunga volcanism impact - an environment case of nyiragongo volcano

P11: Abdelmonem Mohamed Amer; Egypt.: Hydraulic Conductivity and diffusivity as related to water filled pores in cultivated clay soils

P12: Zoran Galic; Serbia: Soil Moisture Conditions in Forests

P13: Soto, L., Seguel, O., Sotomayor, B., Galleguillos, M., Lara, A.; Chile: Evaluation of soil physical properties after clear cut forest plantations in Chile

P14: Faúndez, A., Diaz, D., Seguel, O., Acevedo, E., Silva, P., Pérez, H.; Chile: Dynamics of Hydraulic Conductivity depending on tillage system in Mollisol from central Chile

P15: Beck Broichsitter, S., Fleige, H., Horn R.; Germany: Soil water characteristics of the municipal waste landfill in Rastorf – Schleswig-Holstein

P16: Stoppe, N., Horn, R.; Germany: Predicting rheological parameters from amplitude sweep tests using common physicochemical soil properties


Poster III: Modelling

P17: Zhao, Y.; China: A user-friendly modifield pore-solid fractal model

P18: Kayoko Ogura, Wang Chunying, Sadao Eguchi, Kazunori Kohyama, Noriko Yamaguchi, Kanta Kuramochi, Ryusuke Hatano; Japan: Application of SWAT model to predict the sediment dynamics in an agricultural watershed, Japan

P19: Zhao, Y.; China: Simulation of soil water and heat flow in mulched ridge and furrows wheat field of Loess Plateau, China


Poster IV: Soil C

P20: Paulino L, Dörner J., Dec D., Zuniga F., Thiers O., Martinez O.; Chile: Temporal variability of CO2 emissions from Aquands under different land uses in southern Chile

P21: Anna Szafranek-Nakonieczna, Zofia Stępniewska, Danuta Urban, Kinga Włodarczyk; Poland: OM decomposition degree effect on methane production and oxidation in swamp forest soil (Poleski National Park Poland)

P22: Agne Putramentaite, Dalia Feiziene, Virginijus Feiza, Simonat Pranaitiene, Grazina Kadziene, Irena Deveikyte, Vytautas Seibutis, Poland: Soil Pore Structure and Water Capacity in Top- and Sub-Soil Layers of Cambisol under long-term contrasting tillage

P23: C. Rawe, D. Holthusen, R. Horn; Germany: Influence of anaerobe digestates (AD) on dispersion potential of soils with regard to pore functions

P24: Thiers, O., Jara, D., Dörner, J., Dec, D., Zúniga, F., Paulino, L., Descalzi C; Chile: Volcanic soils climate change mitigation: Above- and belowground organic carbon accumulation under different land uses of Nadi soils (aquands) in southern Chile

P25: Amaleviciute K., Slepetiene A., Liaudanskiene I., Slepetys J.; Lithuania: Total and labile organic carbon as sensitive indicator of Terric Histosol influenced by renaturalization

P26: Efik, S.; Nigeria: soil and the impacts of climate change in Africa


Poster V: Chemistry and Biology

P27: Wapa Mboya, J.; Nigeria: Effects of Intergrating Mineral Fertilizer with different sources of organic inputs on major soil chemical properties and yield of Maize (Zea mays) in Sudano-Sahelian Savanna, Nigeria

P28: Oxana Belyaeva, Sally Officer, Roger Armstrong, Rob Harris, Ashley Wallave, Debra Partington, Kirsten Fogarty and Andrew Phelan; Australia: Reducing Soil Nitrous Oxide Emission after Pasture Termination in a High Rainfall Cropping System

P29: Dirk Freese, Tatiana Medinski and Thomas Reitz; Germany: Impact of inorganic and organic phosphate forms on the desorption kinetics in Haplic Chernozem

P30: Habib, O; Algeria: the dynamics of physical phenomena and chemicals in the high plateaus: the case of the province of Algeria tissemsilt (soil, water, erosion, pollution)

P31: Kleimeier, C. and B. Lennartz; Germany: Nitrate turnover and bimodality in peat soils

P32: Affinih, K.O., Fawole, O.B., Ahamefule, H.E., Eifediyi, E.K., Abayomi, Y.a., Olaoye. G. and Itodo, F.O.; Nigeria: Mobility of Heavy metals in Dredged Asa River Sediment

P33: Prokhorov, I.; Russia: Urban Soil Recultivation in Moscow City and Climate Change

P34: Shahin, R.; Egypt: Green Electrokinetic remendiation of heavy metals polluted soils

P35: Mu’minah, Baharuddinb, Hazarin Subairc, Fahruddind, Baso Darwisaha; Indonesia:: The Potential of Exopolysaccharide Bacterial As Phosphate Solvent Isolated from the Rhizosphere of Potatoes

P36: Haas, C., Holthusen, D., Mordhorst, A., Horn, R.; Germany: Elastic and plastic deformation of aggregated soils and its influence on biological activity and emission of greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O) 

P37: P. Heibach, D. Holthusen, R. Horn; Germany: Soil microstructural stability as influenced by K fertilization, soil structure and matric potential

P38: Stockheim, D., Possel, H., Koselowske, M., Noack, D., Struckmeier, T.; Germany: The way to sustainable and locally adapted surface sealing systems, achieving the compensation of industrially manufactured sealing components!